"West-to-East Power Transmission" main artery, spanning the Yangtze River!

The Chongqing section of the Baihetan-Zhejiang ±800kV UHVDC transmission project successfully completed the Yangtze River Great Span.

So far, the 92.3-kilometer line of the Chongqing section of the Baizhe line has been completed.

Baihetan-Zhejiang ±800 kV UHVDC transmission project (hereinafter referred to as Baizhe line) is the world's first hybrid cascaded UHVDC project, and it is the first time in the world to develop a "conventional DC+flexible DC" hybrid cascaded UHVDC project The power transmission technology integrates the advantages of large capacity, long distance, low loss, flexible control and strong system support capability of UHVDC transmission. Demonstration and leadership are of great significance.

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