• WAT 12V190 Diesel engine
  • WAT 12V190 Diesel engine

WAT 12V190 Diesel engine

Brand :WAT

Product origin :China

190 cylinder diameter series engine is a kind of high speed and high power diesel engine with wide use and excellent performance. After continuous technical upgrading, it absorbs the fruitful scientific and technological achievements in the field of modern internal combustion engine. With advanced technical and economic indicators, compact structure, rapid starting, easy to operate, easy maintenance, can adapt to all kinds of harsh environmental conditions and other characteristics, its performance indicators close to or reach the world's advanced level, established in China's medium and high power internal combustion engine industry leading advantage.

In the field of oil drilling, 190 series diesel engines and supporting units can be used in all kinds of drilling RIGS, can adapt to the harsh environment and complex working conditions such as plateau, desert and ocean, equipped with more than 90% of China's oil drilling team, has a good reputation in the international oil drilling power market. In the social market, its products are widely used in construction machinery, self-provided power stations, railway locomotives, ships and other fields, while providing standing and emergency power generation equipment for the party and state leading organs, military bases, communication fields and other important occasions. The 190 series Marine diesel engine has passed the certification of France and Russia classification Society, and the domestic Marine diesel engine market has reached nearly ten thousand sets, becoming the ideal power of naval vessels, passenger and cargo ships, ocean-going fishing boats and engineering ships.

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At present, there are 4190, 6190, 8190, Z8V190, Z12V90, G12V190, A12V190, B12V190, H12V190, H16V190 and so on. The 190 series engines can be equipped with torque converter unit, coupling unit and diesel generator set, which are used to drive drilling rig, mud pump and power generation, and can also be used for supporting fire pump, flood control pump, etc.

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