China's first domestically produced G50 gas turbine officially put into operation

On January 3, the first domestically produced F-class 50 MW heavy duty gas turbine generator set was connected to the grid in Guangdong Huadian Qingyuan Overseas Chinese Park Gas Distributed Energy Station, filling the gap in China's independent gas turbine application.

During the implementation of the project, Huadian Group focused on the "double carbon" goal, and made every effort to build benchmark projects and high-quality projects to effectively guarantee the national energy security. The grid connected power generation of G50 heavy gas turbine is a milestone on the long road of Huadian Group to create a source of original technology and a modern industrial chain. Huadian Group has innovatively applied Huadian Ruilan control system, medium and high temperature denitration catalyst produced nationwide, and home-made large capacity generator outlet circuit breaker to truly realize the all-round "Made in China" of important main and auxiliary engines of gas power plants, and promoted the formation of China's independent standard system and process specifications for the design, construction, commissioning, testing, operation and maintenance of Class F heavy gas turbines, Provide the "China Plan" for the clean energy field with an independent and controllable whole chain.

Compared with thermal power generating units of the same power, the project can reduce carbon emissions by more than 500000 tons a year, and the combined cycle power generation capacity exceeds 70000 kilowatt hours an hour, which can meet the electricity demand of 7000 families in a day. At the same time, it will provide the park with a variety of high-quality energy services, such as cold, heat and electricity, greatly improve the atmosphere and water resources environment, improve the park's comprehensive competitiveness, and drive the development of the park's upstream and downstream industries.

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