• Mobile water pump diesel unit

    Mobile water pump diesel unit

    Due to the large overflow area, blocking is reduced. The rotation direction of the pump is clockwise from the driving end. Motor or internal combustion engine can be used for power drive. The pump unit can be equipped with a complete air release device, which is conducive to the exhaust of the suction pipeline.

  • Full automatic silent generator set

    Full automatic silent generator set

    The mute generator set adopts advanced noise reduction technology and new sound absorption materials. Watt mute generator set has been widely used in posts and telecommunications, communications, hotels, hotels, entertainment, hospitals, banks, high-rise buildings, industrial and mining enterprises and other places with strict requirements for noise.

  • Portable Functional Generator Sets

    Portable Functional Generator Sets

    Product Features: 1, the cover shell is made of 2mm gb cold plate, corrosion resistant, good sealing degree, waterproof; 2. Automatic hydraulic support for the four Windows and doors makes it easy to open; 3, the trailer is a four-wheel trailer, the turntable steering, turning Angle is large, high mobility; 4, leaf spring suspension structure; 6, the four corners of the frame are equipped with mechanical support device, and the three sides of the trailer are equipped with anti-skid platform, which is convenient for users to maintain and operate. 7, the trailer adopts height adjustable latch type traction frame, suitable for all kinds of height tractor;

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