• WAT-12V190 Gas Generator Sets

    WAT-12V190 Gas Generator Sets

    Technical characteristics of the generator set: (1) International advanced closed-loop electronic control technology; (2) Imported Tecjet gas control valve -- air fuel ratio automatic adjustment; (3) The use of rarefied combustion control technology -- effectively improve the economy and emissions; (4) Pre-pressurization mixing technology -- suitable for low-pressure gas; (5) Digital intelligent ignition module (6) EGS gas controller from WOODWARD, USA (7) gas sources that can adapt to concentration changes; (8) Can replace imported products, machine technology in the domestic leading, international advanced level

  • 2000-4000KW Gas Generator Sets

    2000-4000KW Gas Generator Sets

    WAT 16V190 and 20V190 series natural gas generator sets can replace imported products and are widely used in fixed or mobile power stations, oil field gas fields, natural gas compressors and other fixed mechanical power to meet the operation requirements of grid connected power generation and data centers and other isolated power stations.

  • Methane Gas Generator Sets

    Methane Gas Generator Sets

    Introduction to Biogas Power Generation: Biogas generator set is an equipment for generating electricity by compressing and igniting the biogas produced by biomass fermentation in the cylinder of gas internal combustion engine after purification. Biogas is the human and livestock manure, crop straw and other organic matter in the isolation of air (reduction conditions), and must be appropriate temperature, humidity, through the fermentation of microorganisms produced by a combustible gas. Methane is an ideal gaseous fuel. It is odorless, colorless and burns when mixed with the right amount of air. Each cubic meter of pure methane produces up to 34,000 joules of heat, and each cubic meter of methane produces about 20,800-23,600 joules of heat. That is, 1 cubic meter of biogas can produce heat equivalent to 0.7 kg of anthracite when completely burned. The anaerobic tank is closed, collecting biogas, and then equipped with a biogas generator can use this combustible gas to generate electricity, that is, biogas power generation.

  • The Fuel Gas Generator Sets

    The Fuel Gas Generator Sets

    Natural gas generator set is an ignition type gas engine fueled by high calorific value gases such as natural gas, LPG, WTG and associated gas of oil field. On the basis of the non-pressurized model, the supercharging system and the cooling system are added. The cooling system adopts the way of separating high and low temperature circulation, high temperature circulation cooling cylinder, body, cylinder head and other high temperature parts, and low temperature circulation cooling the pressurized gas, air and oil cooler.

  • Biogas Generator Set

    Biogas Generator Set

    After-sales service: Warranty period: 12 months or 1000 hours after commissioning and acceptance of the unit; Whichever is due first. As a result of product quality problems my company to implement free maintenance or replacement, lifelong paid service! (Wearing parts, common parts, artificial damage, negligence maintenance are not within the scope of warranty). Commitment: the generator warranty will be extended to 18 months if you use the generator produced by our company.

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