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  • State Grid of China goes all out to fight typhoons, prevent floods, and ensure power supply

State Grid of China goes all out to fight typhoons, prevent floods, and ensure power supply

Source: State Grid Corporation of China Limited

Affected by Typhoon Dussuri, the 5th of this year, more than 10 provinces in China have experienced extreme heavy rainfall. This heavy rainfall process has a wide range, a large cumulative rainfall, strong extreme nature, and a high risk of causing disasters. The Central Meteorological Observatory has continuously issued a red warning for rainstorm. It is estimated that the cumulative rainfall of more than 100 mm will reach 220000 square kilometers. At 9:00 on July 30, the National Flood Control Headquarters launched the second level emergency response for flood control in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi and Henan, emphasizing that the heavy rainfall process in the northern region has entered the most Key Stage, and it is necessary to further strengthen the implementation of various work arrangements and make every effort to deal with this round of extreme heavy rainfall process.

China State Grid Corporation Limited adheres to the principle of "one game" for the entire grid, firmly assumes the primary responsibility of ensuring power supply, timely initiates emergency response for typhoon and flood prevention, coordinates and deploys emergency measures, strengthens monitoring, early warning, and hidden danger investigation, scientifically arranges the operation mode of the power grid, and ensures the safety of the large power grid. Due to wind stoppage, water withdrawal, human access, and power supply, units such as State Grid Fujian and Zhejiang Electric Power, which were affected by the typhoon, have implemented the company's requirements for quick response, organized repair forces to stick to the front line, and made every effort to repair damaged power facilities, striving to restore customer electricity in the shortest possible time. In response to the heavy rainfall process, each unit should prepare for prevention, organize equipment inspection and maintenance, deploy emergency repair forces, and carry out customer service guarantees as soon as possible. They should actively promote knowledge of safe electricity use, and effectively ensure the safety of people's lives and property, as well as the reliable supply of electricity.

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