• Methane Gas Generator Sets
  • Methane Gas Generator Sets
  • Methane Gas Generator Sets
  • Methane Gas Generator Sets
  • Methane Gas Generator Sets

Methane Gas Generator Sets

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Product origin :china

Introduction to Biogas Power Generation:
Biogas generator set is an equipment for generating electricity by compressing and igniting the biogas produced by biomass fermentation in the cylinder of gas internal combustion engine after purification. Biogas is the human and livestock manure, crop straw and other organic matter in the isolation of air (reduction conditions), and must be appropriate temperature, humidity, through the fermentation of microorganisms produced by a combustible gas. Methane is an ideal gaseous fuel. It is odorless, colorless and burns when mixed with the right amount of air. Each cubic meter of pure methane produces up to 34,000 joules of heat, and each cubic meter of methane produces about 20,800-23,600 joules of heat. That is, 1 cubic meter of biogas can produce heat equivalent to 0.7 kg of anthracite when completely burned. The anaerobic tank is closed, collecting biogas, and then equipped with a biogas generator can use this combustible gas to generate electricity, that is, biogas power generation.

1. Composition of biogas

Biogas is a mixture of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2). Methane accounts for 45% to 70%, carbon dioxide 30% to 40%, and a small amount of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen and nitrogen. Biogas can be used as a fuel because it contains methane, a combustible gas. Biogas is a product of bacteria breaking down organic matter under anaerobic conditions. Urban organic waste, sewage treatment plant sludge, human and animal excrement in rural areas, crop straw, etc., can be used as raw materials to produce biogas.

2. Requirements for biogas of the unit (within 1m from the gas inlet valve of the gas unit)

Methane temperature ≤40℃;

Methane pressure 3 ~ 20kpa, pressure change rate 1kpa/min;

200 mg/Nm3 Ø H2S or less;

Ø NH3 20 mg/Nm3 or less;

Methane CH4 content ≥40%, change rate ≤2%/min

Suitable for gas: landfill, manure, industrial organic matter and other organic matter produced by biogas.

methane gas generator sets

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