Technical characteristics of the generator set:
(1) International advanced closed-loop electronic control technology;
(2) Imported Tecjet gas control valve -- air fuel ratio automatic adjustment;
(3) The use of rarefied combustion control technology -- effectively improve the economy and emissions;
(4) Pre-pressurization mixing technology -- suitable for low-pressure gas;
(5) Digital intelligent ignition module
(6) EGS gas controller from WOODWARD, USA
(7) gas sources that can adapt to concentration changes;
(8) Can replace imported products, machine technology in the domestic leading, international advanced level

waste gas generator sets

Main configuration of generator set (closed-loop electric control external mixed gas generator set) :

(1) 190 series gas engine

(2) Intelligent digital ignition module

(3) Siemens series engine (brushless excitation/automatic voltage regulation/multiple voltage output 0.4KV6.3Kv10, 5KV)

(4) Multi-functional control cabinet

(5) Automatic synchronous detection, automatic load distribution

(6) Electric starting system

(7) Complete safety protection devices

(8) Various cooling cycle modes (open/half open/integral closed part closed)

Iv. Technical description of generator set

1. Operating standard environmental conditions for generating sets

Total atmospheric pressure 100kPa; Ambient air temperature 25℃; Relative humidity 30%; Under the above conditions, when the fuel quality meets the technical requirements, the generator set can reach the rated load output.

gas generator sets

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